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A Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solution for Simple, Secure Remote Access

Transform device centric networks into Zero Trust Application Networks instantly

A Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solution for Simple, Secure Remote Access

Enterprises that host consumer data have unique security and compliance challenges while governing access to these systems. When partners, contractors or employees access such data, they are often required to do so from unmanaged devices. TransienAccess’s unique application micro containerization technology transparently encrypts application’s data on disk even on:

  • Unmanaged devices – no MDM or MAM required.
  • Unmodified operating systems – no admin or root privileges required.
  • Unmodified applications i.e. no application patching or preparation required.

No customer data passes through, or is retained by the TransientAccess controller, ensuring that TransientAccess meets compliance and data privacy requirements.

Read more on TransientAccess and how it works here.


Software Defined Perimeter Architecture
  • Stealth and transient access to business-critical apps and resources using app-based networks. Apps and resources are never exposed to the Internet
  • Zero-Trust application level connectivity between authenticated users and applications
  • Private end-to-end DTLS encrypted data traffic belongs to the customer and does not pass through third-party cloud gateways
App Segmentation and Full Visibility
  • Fine grained application access policies allow segmentation and apps, not networks nearby mitigating the risk of lateral movement
  • Full audit trail of user’ activities are available real-time
  • Endpoint data protection e.g. transparent data-at-rest encryption enables data leak prevention even on unmanaged devices, without an MDM or MAM solution
Frictionless Implementation
  • Integrates easily into the existing security configuration of enterprise and requires no ACL or inbound firewall rule changes
  • Support on-prem or SaaS based deployment models and integrates with existing automation tools through REST APIs

TransientAccesses has 3 components:

The component which authenticates and authorizes users and orchestrates connections. This is normally deployed in TransientX cloud as a service (SaaS).

Connectors are deployed in front of applications which will be accessed, usually in a private cloud or on-prem data center.

Users install TransientAccess clients on their devices in order to access enterprise resources.
When an authenticated user request access to the remote enterprise resource, a temporary network of apps on users’ device and the enterprise resource (e.g. enterprise apps, servers) is created as needed.

Key Scenarios

Secure Third-Party User Access and BYOD

Today’s dynamic business environment require a mobile workforce, partners like suppliers or resellers and contractors accessing enterprise resources and systems. TransientAccess provides zero-trust access to these resources without providing network access or exposing them to the Internet. No MDM or MAM is required.

Secure Secure IaaS Access

IT teams often need to simple way for allowing access to applications hosted public cloud environments like Azure and AWS, without management and setup complexities of existing tools. With TransientAccess, DevOps teams can access production workloads hosted in these environments using their favorite tools such as RDP or SSH anywhere in the world, securely.

Secure Access to SCADA Systems

Enterprise that host critical infrastructures have unique security and compliance challenges while governing access to SCADA systems. When contractors or employees need to access such systems located on various sites such as power plants in different cities, they are often required to travel. TransientAccess provides a secure and compliant alternative, in that such systems can be accessed by authorized users, without exposing them to the Internet through virtually air-gapped networks.

Egemen Tas

22+ Years of Experience​

As President and Chief Executive Officer of TransientX, Inc., a pioneer in network of applications technology, he is responsible for strategy and day to day operations.​

Before TransientX, he served as Chief Technology Officer at COMODO Cybersecurity, and during his tenure created some of the world’s most disruptive cybersecurity products, including COMODO Endpoint Security, lauded by NSA and Wikileaks as impenetrable.

Egemen is also a noted “white hat” who has been cited in a number of ethical hacking publications and whose tools are still used today in related subject courses around the world, including those offered by the reputable SANS Institute.

He has been recently recognized in the industry as one of the 40 Most Influential Turkish Americans.

Egemen holds a degree in Computer Science from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Jeffrey S. Harrell

20+ Years of Experience​

Jeffrey has served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer and VP of Business Strategy since June 2020.

Previously, he co-founded several technology companies which were subsequently acquired in the semiconductor and software industries. Jeffrey practiced corporate law for more than 20 years.

Jeffrey has a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law and a B.S. in accounting and finance from Virginia Tech.

He is also a certified public accountant (Virginia).

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Selhan Bilsay

20+ Years of Experience​

Selhan is responsible for engineering activities and product development ​

Before joining TransientX, he was the general manager of COMODO’s R&D operations in Turkey. ​

Being one of the leaders who worked in NATO cybersecurity doctrine, he is a seasoned expert in millitary defense industry with more than 15 years experience in the sector.

Selhan holds MBA degree from The Hague University, The Netherlands and BSc degree in Electronics Engineering from Hacettepe University, Ankara-Turkey

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Chad Loeven

As VP Marketing, Chad Loeven is responsible for all things digital and messaging. Chad has been involved in enterprise security for over 20 years and brings a thorough vision of our industry to the table, making sure our alignment within the industry is perfect.

After having successfully guided Vircom, Sunbelt (acquired by GFI) and Silicium (acquired by RSA), he directed RSA’s strategic partnerships. He most recently headed up VMRay’s U.S. operation, building out the sales, marketing and customer success teams.

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John Sarina

John is responsible for driving enterprise sales through our channel partners at Transientx.

Prior to Transientx, John has held sales leadership roles for notable startups NetScreen/Juniper, Riverbed, PaloAlto Networks. Johns experience bringing new disruptive technologies to market has yielded over $500 Million in revenue contribution.

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