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How Caglayanlar Secured Remote Access with McAfee UCE and TransientAccess

Caglayanlar, a leading automotive parts distributor, stopped critical data leakage and secured remote access with McAfee® UCE & TransientAccess ZTNA


Caglayanlar, a Turkish automotive parts distributor, was struggling to provide secure remote access to employees and business partners, losing critical business data to competitors. We did a case study on how Caglanyar achieved true edge-to-cloud SASE security with McAfee UCE and TransientAccess ZTNA.

Collecting, analyzing and prioritizing logs consumed many hours that the IT team could ill afford to spare. The team had to constantly review the security status of devices such as mobile phones and personal computers connected to the company network. In addition, the company faced a problem of password sharing by its dealers, and by extension
information that was intended only for a specific dealer. This situation was a challenge for the company, bypassing many security measures and leading to data leakage to unrelated parties.

Preventing Data Leakage


To prevent data leakage, the IT team had to manually analyze the situation, identify the resellers who provided such access and restrict their access. At that stage, it was not possible for the IT team to provide a view through a common portal to review and manage security logs. In such situations, the logs on different devices and on different days had to be examined separately. These devices included remote access VPN devices, firewalls and hardware such as switches and routers. Such an approach both consumed a lot of time and required the technical expertise of the staff to cover all devices. This situation made it impossible to manage against such threats with limited resources and personnel for the company and left the company exposed.

Data Privacy and Compliance


Data privacy and protection regulations like GDPR and KVKK (Turkish regulations similar to GDPR) compelled Caglayanlar to review its information security practices and the importance of protecting employee and customer data. The automotive sector has become increasingly complex, and this was reflected in the security challenges faced by
Caglayanlar. They elected to find a trusted partner in Turkey, DemirBT. DemirBT brought their expertise to the table in a joint consultation to create a safe end-to-end computing environment for Caglayanlar.

“Easy-to-use TransientAccess integrated with McAfee UCE allows us to automate our defenses much more. We can do tasks automatically faster and easier, so we can use our team’s resources where they can add the most value.”

-Sinan Güner, Deputy general manager

McAfee MVISION UCE and TransientAccess:

Solving critical infrastructure and remote access challenges.


With DemirBT, they carried out POC studies with many product alternatives and decided on McAfee MVISION, McAfee’s Device-to-Cloud security platform, including McAfee Unified Cloud Edge (McAfee UCE) and TransientX’s TransientAccess Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) product. With its product range, McAfee MVISION solved the problem of data leakage on end user devices with McAfee DLP and disk encryption products, and provided solutions to manage them on a single pane of glass. Complementing the McAfee MVISION solution, TransientX’s TransientAccess product for remote access ensured employees, dealers and business partners could access their applications and related critical data remotely without having to expose them to the internet. They also made sure that the dealers could access their applications only from the devices defined for them by the TransientAccess policy.



This powerful and comprehensive suite replaced legacy manual efforts that Caglayanlar had used in the past. The combined solution used McAfee MVISION DLP with Disk Encryption and TransientAccess to defend against emerging and targeted attacks. This combination mitigates all data stealing and malware attempts as well as fraud attempts by rogue dealers.

Read the full case study here .

If you’re running McAfee UCE, TransientAccess is available on the MVISION Marketplace .

Or you can start for free here.

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